Online Gambling Jackpot History and Payout

There is no doubt that at least once in a life each person dreamed about the winning of the huge jackpot and planned how to spend the winning money. Online gambling casino jackpot is the biggest money prize offered by the casinos. Jackpots offers are peculiar to:

The jackpot amount varies from casino to casino, and can reach millions of dollars. At times several casinos offer their total super jackpot.

Jackpot History

The term itself originated in the poker game in the 19-th century. The first gambler who got the combination of the pair of jacks was awarded the pot (a prize depending on the amount of all players' bets). In 1940's Las Vegas casino gamblers were trying to win the jackpots, offered on slots and card games.

Online Gambling Jackpot

The jackpot is usually offered for particular card or symbols combinations. For example, poker jackpot depends on the special hand of cards. Slots machines jackpot are paid for the row of the same symbols upon condition that players places the maximum wager amount.

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpots are paid by the particular progressive slots machines. The jackpot amount consists of the particular percentage taken from all gamblers' bets in the whole casino, or several casinos. Mostly prizes constitute regular payouts on the winning combinations. The one of the necessary conditions is playing the maximum wager.

Creating the Jackpot

The opening jackpot amount depends on the particular usual bet for the slot machine. For example, the penny machine usually offer the $1 000 opening jackpot. The higher is the slot machine betting denomination, the larger is the jackpot amount.

The Biggest Winning Jackpots

  • dollars
  • million dollars
  • million dollars (on $1 slot machine).

The listed above winning jackpot sums belong to the slots games and the largest card game jackpot constituted the 16 million dollars amount.

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