The Most Popular Dice Casino Game Systems

There exist a great variety of different casino betting systems, which are supposed to help gamblers beat the casino and increase their winning chances. And craps casino game is not the exception. Craps payers invented a lot of winning systems, but unfortunately, almost all of them are ineffective. We offer you the list of the most efficient of them.

Dice Casino Game Systems

  • Martingale System (you've probably heard about it while finding out about blackjack game). It is one of the wagering systems, which advices gamblers to double their wagers when they lose. After the winning it is recommended to start with the initial bet. It is necessary to remember also that if you place the small initial wager, you can win only small payout.
  • Player's Fallacy. One of the systems based on the belief that the following dice roll depends on the previous one. For example, it is recommended to place the bet on 11, if this number didn't appear in last 20 rolls or appeared too frequently.

    To tell the truth, the probability of the appearance any of the numbers is 1/18, each craps throwing result is an independent event. As the roulette wheel, the dice has no memory and usually numbers appear in random order.

  • Parity Hedge System. The system description can be found on several Internet sites, but its ineffective falsehood.
  • Dice Control System. The craps game system, which is based on special ways of throwing the dice. Gamblers believe they can influence the randomness of the numbers appearance if they throw the dice in the particular manner. This system is the most plausible, as it can be proven mathematically.

But the casinos administrations are familiar with it too and do everything possible to prevent using it in their gambling establishments. They require throwing the dice with its hitting the table wall, so it is more difficult for gamblers to control the spinning result.

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