How to Count Blackjack Card Casino Game Payout

Many gamblers think that the knowledge of the main blackjack card casino game rules and strategy would be enough for the successful gambling process and they usually forget about the blackjack payout. This neglect can be quite harmful for them, as blackjack bonus payout may vary from casino to casino and you must be sure in the amount of the winning payout. Understanding of the blackjack payment rules will make your play more effective and efficient.

The blackjack payout system is quite simple, if you get acquainted with its rules before. Let's consider you've placed the $20 wager, if you:

  • Win - the banker pays you $20 and place winning chips near your initial wager;
  • Lose - the banker takes your chips and place into his/her tray;
  • Tie - the wager remains on the table.

Usually the blackjack payout is regular, but some game variations have special rules, so you we recommend you to read them attentively.

Online blackjack paying out process is easy and fast (I would say rather fast). Online playing chips appear very quickly and you should be very attentive to watch them.

Common Blackjack Payouts

The natural blackjack is a combination of two initial cards with the 21-score. It is usually an Ace and any of the 10-valued cards. It the highest ranked hand with the largest 3:2 payout. Let's examine it on the particular example. The player placed the $2 wager and won. He receives $3 from the dealer.

There are some gambling casinos offering the best 2:1 blackjack winning payout. In this particular case the gambler has the 2, 27% advantage over the house. So if you win with the $10 initial wager, you are paid $20.

The worst blackjack payout is 6:5 and I strongly recommend you to avoid it. The house advantage with this rule rises on 1, 29%.

The Blackjack Insurance Offer

This betting option is offered if the dealer has an Ace (his/her up card). It is a side bet taking which the gambler loses half of his/her initial wager. The payout of the insurance is 2:1.

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